Capo Lee, Frisco, Jme & Shorty come together on 'Norf Face'

When it was announced that Capo Lee, Frisco, Jme and Shorty were set to release a EP together, it was a slight shock, but very welcomed project. 'Baitest Sound' was the chosen single to drive the release, now here we are nine tracks deep.

Production wise you can expect to hear from D33CO, Jme himself, Silencer, Skepta plus Trooh Hippi as the foursome flow over Grime, Trap and Rap. Whilst there are five tracks of the collective together, each MC also gets to showcase their own 'pattern' on a solo tip for around a minute or so.

Unexpected, but not disappointed. A nine track joint project from three members of BBK plus Capo Lee wasn't something even Mystic Meg could have predicted, but here we are with 'Norf Face' exiting the first quarter of 2021.

Stream on Spotify below or purchase/stream through another digital outlet here. Don't forget to also follow all four artists on socials too.

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