Donation Dubs 017: March 2021

We're back again with another instalment of Donation Dubs, sharing some of our favourite tracks found while digging online this month.

As per usual, there are two sections: one with free and pay-what-you-choose downloads, and the other for releases that have a fixed price but are an absolute bargain.
Have a scroll, have a listen, and support the artists who catch your ear!

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Fixed Price:

Meio Feel – Cerol

Brazilian producer Meio Feel shows his varied instrumental styles on Cerol. “Relaxe” and “ASMR” are wavy, tripped-out cuts, while “Bicuda Riddim” is a pure combat beat, complete with fighting game samples and high-velocity bass slaps. “Fifa Street” and “Radar” each get their power from dense, rolling, rough-textured bass, and the acoustic guitar plucks and metallic breaks of “Deixa Girar” are an unexpected bonus to top off the release.

Kai Barrett – Caledonian Road / Western Quarter

Kai Barrett’s dropped his first release of 2021, and he’s starting the year strong. “Caledonian Road” gets freed up after months of radio spins, with its infectious rhythms mimicking the clatter of tube train wheels on tracks. On the flipside, “Western Quarter” is a skeletal style of grime production, sucking you in with low-pitched rushing vibrations and its ominous emptiness.

Juzlo – Drumplay EP

This international linkup sees Sydney-based producer Juzlo drop his Drumplay EP on Sheffield’s Project Allout Records. “Drumplay” and “Ruffest” explore the sounds of UK Funky with swung marching rhythms, vivid tropical pans and rebounding basslines. “Oh No” references So Solid Crew’s seminal hit with an oldschool garage vibe, and Spooky supplies his own grimy “Drumplay” remix.

Guido YZ – Arctic Gunman

These tracks from Guido YZ are colder-than-cold sonic weapons. The soaring flutes on “Artic Gunman” cuts through the swollen, ragged bass injections, giving the track both impact and balance. “YoY o Riddim” ups the levels ever more with its frantic, twitching intensity and crowded layers of sound, setting you on edge and threatening to throw you off it at any minute.

Ivor Warton Woods & DJ BPM – Beethoven Beat Up Remix Project

For her new label Feral Dubs’ first release, DJ BPM has curated this fusion of classical music, experimental jazz and grime. Bookz, JT The Goon, Owlybeats, Grindhouse, Blvvck Cowboys, Darx, Mojoe, Daztronik, Dr Steevo and Tokamisura remix recordings of Ivor Warton Woods’s grand piano pieces, beautifully fusing together different styles of music into a cohesive project.

nsus -  BONGO EP

As the name suggests, nsus’ Bongo EP takes some inspiration from Youngstar’s eternal instrumental.  As well as bringing through bouncing dance-ready energy on “Eyes On Bongo” and “Pulse Bongo”, there’s an industrial concrete oppression on tracks like “Untitled” and “Mr Jad” that gives Bongo EP a deeper, meaner presence.

Free & Pay-As-You-Choose:

Dollo – Timelapse

A second entry for Project Allout this month, Dollo’s “Timelapse” is skanky belter. Shifting from a waddling brass opening, it morphs into a twisted beast of a tune, submerging you in raw vibrating darkness splattered with fragments of acidic breaks.

Alghost – Spectral Spheres

Alghost’s Spectral Spheres EP constructs unpredictable soundscapes that flow from clarity and harmony to alien disorder its 4 tracks. “Corroboration” wraps you in a wavy audio embrace, “Forgotten Realms” drops the pace with the swaying electronics and the sliding melodies of “Prohibitionist” give the track a sense of swirling anxiety. The cutting, icy chimes, staggering sub-bass and snapping rhythms of “Bog Witch” end the journey, as the eerie inhuman vocal samples at the track’s close leave you unsettled but enthralled.

Alec – GRIME

This 7-tracker from Alec does what is says on the tin, offering straight up grime beats. The beats are stay focused on what’s important, sticking to minimally layered production that lets the different elements have a proper impact. GRIME has a nostalgic simplicity to its tracks, as Alec definitely captures the energy of grime’s instrumental origins.

01W – Hyperlapse

Grime and UKG come together on Tokyo producer 01W’s ‘Hyperlapse’. The dance-ready tune has the energetic pace of a garage belter, but 01W chooses to hold back slightly on the drop, emphasising thudding kicks, scattered percussion, and sparse piano chords to give the track its muted but captivating motion.

GOODjonson – Tha  Roadz Are GOOD. Pt. 2

Splicing classic Risky Roadz freestyles from No Era, Remerdee, Crazy Titch and Babycham over smooth relaxed lofi samples, GOODjonson’s brief but ear-catching The Roadz Are GOOD. Pt. 2 frames the MCs’ vocals in a new light. The snippets have a strong RnG influence in the way they're put together, moulding grime-friendly beats out of colourful instrumentals.

Faux Crow – Mother Plucker

Showcasing the heavier side of 140 production from Faux Crow, “Mother Plucker” is a dubstep roller that oozes with understated energy and veiled mystery. Pulsating bass blends with echoing plucked melodies and ticking, shuffling rhythms to craft a deep, dangerous yet still somehow elegant tune.