Jammz continues to 'Free Up The Riddims' on his third instalment

London based MC and producer Jammz is beginning the year with a bang. The I Am Grime label boss continues to showcase young grime excellence as well as his own- with and EP from beatboss 8 finalist Gesher running alongside the third instalment of the coveted ‘Free Up The Riddims’ instrumental album. 

Arriving on the scene as an MC, it’s Jammz’ work as a producer which saw him win back to back BeatBoss titles as well as many self produced vocal tracks that has earned him a true double threat status. ‘Free Up The Riddims’ is a chance for him to bless the world with previously unreleased instrumental dubs we’ve been dying to ID. 

The ten tracker starts off with the eerie ‘You Choose’ instrumental from Capo Lee’s ‘Why Not, Pt. 3’. Previously laden with verses from Capo, Kabz, Talifah and Jammz himself- the occasional bass melody is very sub heavy and solemn, making a deep and dark production. ‘3rd Sunday Service’ begins with choir vocal rips, and is carved up by a baseline hits and techy drum instrumentation. It’s an excellent use of space inside a track that doesn’t seem to let up. ‘Runnin Refix’ offers a cataclysmic change up in style from the original. With the latter snarling throughout with a more aggressive energy. The drum lead ‘Slippinting Road’ is very choppy and almost reminds of an Eastman Beat, with a heavy sprinkling of Jammz’ iconic use of vocal melodies. The darker side of Jammz continues with ‘Danger (Refix)’ and ‘Gas Mark’ 21, with both coming through aggy and abrasive, whereas ‘NWO’ harks back to 8 bar gliding squares with an addictive baseline and old school percussion. Venturing further into the depths, ‘Format (Shottas Riddim)’ is a menacing onslaught of low end frequencies and sparse drums, without coming up for air. The instrumental from Warrior 2’s ‘Set You free’ gives great space for future verses to lace this track. Finishing the album is ‘Termite’ which is dubby energy from the first beat- showing the versatility in his productions beautifully and giving a great ending to this heavyweight project. 

This is a Bandcamp exclusive and will be the talk of many future sets, so make sure this is part of your instrumental arsenal for 2021 by purchasing here. You can also keep up to date with any future Jammz and I Am Grime releases via his Twitter and Instagram.