Tzusan balances humour, dread and transcendental beauty on 'Fizzy Milk'

Fresh out on SKOOP Records, Edinburgh-based MC and producer Tzusan’s latest project blurs the boundaries between genres and moods to create a distinctly Scottish style of alternative rap, balancing the bleak and the haunting with the beautiful.

Fizzy Milk is a fragmented vision of Tzusan’s internal and external state. Across 7 tracks, he pieces together a conceptual guide to lockdown living in an unforgiving Scottish winter, surrounded by both post-industrial brutalism and old gothic grandeur. You can feel the care that went into crafting this self-produced album, with Tzusan meandering between gruff humour, fatalistic dread and deep meditative reflection over his perfectly fitting transcendental instrumentals. Fizzy Milk is a project to experience from front to back in a dark room, alone and sealed off from the rest of the world, allowing Tzusan to take you on this journey through his mind.

As well as a digital version, Fizzy Milk is also available as a limited-edition cassette which comes with an A3 poster and a book of lyrics, art and photography.

Listen to and purchase Fizzy Milk on Bandcamp below.

Find Tzusan on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and SKOOP Records on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, for updates on future releases.